Kshetra Sangeetham

Programme concept and presentation – Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam

The Idea behind Kshetra Sangeetham
India has a rich spiritual heritage. Our ancient temples stand testimony to our history and culture. Our temples are also great storehouses of spiritual energy and draw scores of devotees and become pilgrimage centres. These Kshetras or great temples serve as an inspiration to all bhaktas. The beauty and power of these temples have inspired many great vaggeyakaras (composers) to sing about them. The Kshetras have been extolled in poetry and song, through Carnatic music compositions and devotional hymns like thevaram, pasuram and tiruppugazh.

The Kshetra Sangeetham Series
This concert series, in association with Narada Gana Sabha, will comprise a presentation about various aspects of the Kshetra – the temples and their uniqueness, the composers who have sung in praise of the kshetra and other aspects of musical significance. This will be followed by a music concert with a focus on different vaggeyakaras’ compositions on the kshetra. Some of the Kshetras proposed to be covered are--

1. Kanchipuram
2. Madurai
3. Srirangam
4. Tiruvarur
5. Sringeri
6. Chennai
7. Tirupati
8. Chidambaram

First Kshetra Sangeetham Episode : KANCHI Kshetra
Date: January 31, 2010, Sunday
Time: 6 :00 PM
Venue: Narada Gana Sabha mini hall, 6 pm.
Guest of Honour: Smt. Devaki Muthaiah
Presentation on KANCHI: Dr. Sarada Nambi Arooran, eminent Tamil scholar and Orator. Kalaimamani Dr. Sarada Nambi Arooran is a renowned Tamil scholar, actively spreading the glory of Tamil and saivite literature across the Globe. She belongs to the Maraimalai Adigalar family. She also holds the position of the State Information Commissioner.
Vocal: Smt Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam
Violin: Dr. R. Hemalatha
Mridangam: Sri. B. Ganapathyraman

The Artist
Vijayalakshmy Subramaniam is one of the leading exponents of Carnatic music. A disciple of Sangita Kala Acharya Shri S. Rajam, she has been performing since the age of twelve and has an impressive list of achievements to her credit. Vijayalakshmy has held audiences worldwide spellbound with her rich and mellifluous voice, her vast repertoire of ragas and compositions, and her perfect control on rhythmic aspects of music. Her concerts are rich with raga bhava and sahitya bhava, imparting tremendous refinement and sophistication to her presentations. She has conducted many workshops for the initiated and the layman with equal felicity.


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